In Watermelon Sugar

Watermelon sugar can be many things. It can be refreshing; sickly sweet; indulgent; vapid; rancid; cool; nourishing; and it could probably kill you if abused. I guess that books can be a bit like that, too. So, I'm a reader, a writer and a reviewer. I blog at Sea Minor and my stories and novels live independently of me as if they were stray teenage children off at college and seeing what nuisance they can cause. Hopefully I'll send you in the direction in some great books that you might not otherwise have come across, especially in the noir and crime-writing world.

April 2019
text: One Small Sacrifice by Hilary Davidson
‘The way Sheryn Sterling was feeling, it might not have been the best idea to put a knife in her hand.’ Sheryn Sterli...
September 2018
text: Book Bonanza
Today and into early next week, I have a plethora of offers available to you. The first of these comes in the form of my...
August 2018
text: Ed McBain's Killer's Wedge
A lady walked into a bar. Ouch. It was an iron bar. A lady walks into the 87th Precinct squad room. Ouch. She ...
March 2018
text: The Southsiders Collection
The Southsiders novels are now all available in the one book at the bargain price of $5.57
January 2018
text: Mystery and Thriller Deals
Free and 99c book deals. Crime fiction that's a steal.
February 2017
text: Making a Difference
In a time when global issues are going haywire and the world has begun to spin backwards, it can be difficult to make sense o...
February 2016
November 2015
text: That Was Then This Is Now
“The Socs were trying to look poor. They wore old jeans and shirts with the shirttails out, just like the greasers always had...
June 2015
text: Wings Of Desire
‘A soldier between wars was like a chimney in the summer.’ Ever wondered what might have happened if the plane in Lord Of T...
April 2015
text: PRODIGAL SONS (Leaving Las Vegas?)
‘If you’re gonna strike out, go down swinging.’ Mike Miner has pulled off something really special with his novel Prodigal ...
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